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This project dubbed "RADA NI PEACE, KURA BILA NOMA" which translates to "THE TREND IS PEACE , ELECTIONS WITHOUT VIOLENCE" is an innitiative by youth for youth.
Grand Bay Media, a company owned by youth, conceptualized this project and will execute it in collaboration with like-minded partners.

The goal of this project is to reduce election-related violence in the forthcoming August 2022 Elections in Kenya.
The project mainly targets youth who have been reported to contribute to most election violence.

The strategies used here are modern , artistic and youth-centered to ensure that the behavior-change interventuons undertaken though the project resonate with the youth.

The objectives of the project are ; to sensitize youth to resist being incited by politicians to perpetuate political violence, to create awaeness on the consequences of political violence and persuade them to change their attitude in oder to co-exist peacefully.

It is anticipated that at the end of the project, the youth will resolve not to patricipate in election-related violence. They will also be convinced to make correct decisions and live cohesively in addition to actively participating in peace promotion.

This project will ultimately contribute in part to peaceful elections in August 2022.

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